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Digital Stage


Michael Takeo Magruder Michael Takeo Magruder
Brendan Oliver, Particulation Brendan Oliver
Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould - Mirror Mirror on the Screen Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould
Kim Stewart, Sigma 6, Dual, Digital Stage, The Cutting Room Kim Stewart
CAST Film Programme, Digital Stage, The Cutting Room at Nottingham Playhouse CAST Artists



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Dual Digital Stage Exhibition Nottingham Playhouse By The Cutting RoomThe Cutting Room and Nottingham Playhouse logoExhibition

Dual examines how digital technologies affect the creation of alter egos and the avatar culture.

Inspired by Nottingham Playhouse's production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, a play built around double and mistaken identities, we present Dual.

The idea of multiple identities has become common place in modern life as digital technologies now allow for the creation of alter egos that give rise to new online cultures. Dual showcases artists who explore the crossovers between the virtual and physical worlds we inhabit with pieces that offer portals into virtual realms, telematic film sets, game systems and interactive environments. Their works begin to question the use of modern digital devices and how they enable us transform and interact within these hybrid spaces.


A supporting Film Programme of emerging artists to show silent films exploring the concept of alter-egos and dual identities alongside the main exhibition. All short listed artists will automatically be entered for the £500 Film Commission competition at the end
of the year.

Digital Stage is a new Digital Arts Programme by The Cutting Room which is being hosted at Nottingham Playhouse for 2012 funded by National Lottery through Arts Council England to encourage growth and development for digital arts within the East Midlands.

Dual banner image credit:
Michael Takeo Magruder, Deconstructing Metaverse (Vanishing Horizon), 2012.